Give your business a cloud makeover, choose from a collection of world class services that work for you.

CT Cloud Mail is an enterprise email solution at a fraction of the cost, by harnessing the power of Office 365 we can provide you with a fully managed email solution that will look and feel like you are running your own server but at a fraction of the cost.

Using CT Cloud mail gives you the flexibility to grow your business one person at a time if you want rather than being stuck with paying for something that could cope with 30 straight away. This provides significant savings upfront for all business types. And with 99.999% uptime statistics you can trust that this is the right solution for you.


CT Cloud Phone gives the ability for every small business to have an affordable, professional communications solution. Today’s VoIP or IP-based telephony systems are light years ahead of older proprietary phone systems, and make it easy to add features that were once available only on the most expensive phone solutions. IP Telephony systems are as flexible as you need.


Rather than waiting for a new phone line to be put in which can take weeks if not months sometimes. A new CT Cloud Phone line can be live in as little as 2 hours and using your existing fast internet service so no need for messy phone technicians rewiring and adding extra clutter. Call us today to find out more on how you can possibly halve your current phone bill! Yes thats right halve!



CT Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery: It’s something no business owner wants to think about: What would happen if tomorrow all your data was lost? All your client records, emails, documents, accounting files, artwork, and HR files lost? History tells us that almost half (43%) of business who suffer catastrophic data loss will never reopen, and even more will be out of business within a year. Small businesses are among the most vulnerable because to often they lack full-time IT support, which means backups may not be running, or may not be backing up all critical files.


CT Cloud Backup allows you to take the hassle out of your backups, no need to rely on a staff members memory to remember to change over the backup tapes or drives. It happens automatically and is transferred offsite over your existing fast internet connection. This method is extremely efficient but will use data, so you need to make sure you are using the best internet with an uncapped limit. CT Net will help you there. 





CT NET uses the the backbone of the largest network of cabling in New Zealand combined with an Internet Service Provider second to none.


CT has teamed up with My Republic to bring you Managed Ultrafast Internet with no caps and no throttling. In todays fast moving business world, we don't have time to wait for large files to upload or download, we want them now! 


We are streaming even more content everyday so using the unlimited data of CT NET you will have everything at your finger tips, when you want it.

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